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Making an image is an exceptional behavior of Photoshop tools. The image mask is the operation of Photoshop that is used to Remove The Background of an image which has blurred edges and hair whack. By using image masking technique we can eliminate or remove the rest of particular photos. Some image has a soft part like human hair, frenzy cloth and doll etc. in that case Clipping Path techniques can’t be applied for removing the background. Whereas mask photo is accepted technique for elimination the background that image has a soft part. Our experienced and well-trained designers are always ready to serve for image mask.

clipping graphics is an expert in hair masking trick that embroils separating with the fury hair style from the behind ground in any photograph with ugly or spiky edges. We applied masking technique to Remove The Background from a picture that is not suitable for straight Clipping Path.

This is a deep method and also takes a greater time than any other service that relies on the complexity of an image. Image mask service of clipping graphics used to solve the problem of isolate area technically that also perform color correction offer on the same rate. Creating image mask for color correction effectively we use several Photoshop tools smoothly with a better technique. The well-trained staffs of clipping graphics are used to effective apply to these tools for complex mask photo services and especially product images to placed in several backgrounds completely.

We are sophisticated in some masking area

  • Masking
  • Layer masking
  • Complex layer masking
  • Transparency layer masking
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Hair and fur masking
  • Translucent masking
  • Collage masking

Image masking and alpha channel mask

Image mask and Photoshop alpha channel is yet another service of clipping graphics by using Photoshop. We provide mask image service with 100% better quality guarantee. Clipping graphic is the corporate company that is the team of expertise of any image mask service, especially in product images to be placed in several backgrounds perfectly.

Reasons for utilizing Clipping Path

Especially when you are thinking about marketing your product in an e-commerce site you also have to think about remove background from photo. Image Background Remover is a repeatedly used photo manipulation technique that used to cut out the image from its unwanted background. Basically, it is the process of changing the whole photo by removing from the image. It seems more attractive and any attractive image has the ability to play a positive effect on others. Clipping graphic offers you the world class Image Cut Out service who can modify your image as you want in a real short time with full proficiency. If your image has a lifeless background and needs some new exciting that can change the whole viewpoint. Cut out Image remove background task after finishing Clipping Path needs 100% accuracy to make it best and cool so depend on our professional designers without any worry.

How to masking image

There are different technique are present in Photoshop for completing image mask on a particular photo. The most valuable tactics are separation technique, extra tool, channel mask, background too and much more. The technique relies on the sample of the complexity of a photo. Sometimes image mask needs more than one technique for elimination an original background from photos.

Channel mask:

To remove a background from picture channel mask is a tremendous shortcut mask images technique. It is the process of seeing the selected photo view from each channel separately. Differentiate the selected object and the background is a result of the select channel and then it will color balance like previous. After balancing the color we have to press ctrl+click on the selected channel. This process will make the selection effectively. After that, we have to create the alpha channel by taking capture the channel on an extra channel layer.

Color separation:

Color separation is the process of distinguishing background color completely from the product or object color. If the soft parts like human hair or fur are black then we have to make the background color is white or any light color. Ones the process is completed the DTP will make color equality the photo in that way that will punchy the dissimilation between the background and foreground. After completing the whole process designer can apply quick selection tool to select the product or object without wasting any section of the photo.

Extract tool:

Extract tool is another effective Photoshop tool for complex masking. For applying extract tool we have to click filter>extract and customize the related option for adjusting the image. After that, highlight each side of the image and apply the process. Then we can see that it will erase the image background and keep the actual foreground. The accuracy of use extract tool depends on the proper customization and experience of this process while applying it on the photo.

Background eraser tool:

To apply background eraser tool we have to create a path over the inflexible area to keep it flawless while applying this tool. This is a quite smooth technique that can make popularity day by day to Remove The Background from a picture. We have to more careful to the flying hair. If something goes wrong then the designer has to test the hair or furs against both white and black background while the processing.

We are image masking expert for some reasons

  • We are smart in image masking service
  • Separate experienced team for masking services
  • We charge competitive price for image mask
  • Our designers mask photo professionally
  • We are combined service provider
  • We offer layer mask with vector and alpha channel mask

Photoshop image mask is a smooth strategy Image Editing task that needs special experience. Someone can easily know the methods but it is not an easy task to apply with world class quality. We must have to know the whole process ins and out of the subtle or blurry edges like hair and hackle. Experienced, well-trained, energetic designers only can do this and ensure the expected output of image mask. This is the point of differentiation that distinguishes us from our competitors. clipping graphics ensure you the world class image mask service with their passionate and creative hands.

At clipping graphics, we have an adept team of devoted desktop publishing professionals who can take care a variety of image mask, mask photo, mask images, remove background from picture, photo enhancement, image shading, image manipulation etc. even through the complexity of the image mask plays a great deal to use Photoshop accordingly. Such as hair masking is a great challenge in mask photo that only experienced designers can monitor the whole process and contribute for the perfection of an image masking requirement. On the basis of customer’s requirement, different objects are mixed to create a whole photo by using Photoshop collage masking. Photoshop masking is properly adjusted during Photoshop image mask

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